Tuesday, June 15, 2010

ATH reels...very different

When you look at fly reels, 99% seem to find their origins in two basic designs: the classic Orvis CFO/Hardy Lightweight style or the mid-to-large arbor types. The bottom line for most reels is that they hold the flyline, so there really isn't that much need for huge variations in design. Other than the use of high tech materials, most of the reels of today aren't that different from those of 100 years ago. Sure, many reels have had 30 or 40 holes of varying shapes and sizes drilled in them for lightness...but I suspect that much of that isn't as much for catching fish as it's for catching fishermen.

The reels of Ari 't Hart definitely are different. When you see one, you immediately know a couple of things about them: they are beautiful, they are probably very expensive and they are definitely not your run-of-the-mill flyreel. I don't own one, nor do I know anyone who does, so I have no idea whether or not they are light years better or even merely as good as any $29, made in Asia, Walmart special. It really doesn't matter...to me, they are beautiful, engineering marvels. And maybe someday I'll have one of these jewels holding my flyline for me.

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