Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Reel life

For me, a flyreel is primarily a line holder. In this day and age of high-tech, aerospace-grade, self-lubricating, sealed, waterproof, teflon and titanium alloy disk drags, I couldn't tell you what type of drag mechanism most of my reels use. Honestly, whenever I do hook a fish, I'm usually too excited to remember to fight the fish with the reel. Besides, I seldom catch fish large enough to really need an adjustable drag. I could get by with a $29 beginner's reel, but my ego won't let me. I have a nice mid-range reel on my favorite rod. But even then, I got it at a bargain-basement price when the manufacturer decided to change the shape of the porting holes on the reel. You could call it a semi-expensive line holder....

This new illustration is a Hardy Marksman reel. Most of my reel images have been of older, classic styles, so this time i wanted to do a much more modern looking one. I was drawn to this particular reel because of its distinctive design. Unfortunately, I am pretty sure that Hardy has discontinued it. Too bad, I really like the donut/bagel shape.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

My online illustration portfolio

I finally have my fly fishing illustration portfolio online! Just 10 pages of my work, but hopefully it will give a prospective client a pretty good idea of what I can do. http://www.krop.com/ghiramatsu/

I hope to have a more general graphic design portfolio up and running in the next week. That will have advertising and logo design, television commercials, feature film work, some photography and illustrations.