Monday, October 26, 2009

Driven to Fish

I live in what some call "Trout Hell." Good trout fishing is literally hundreds of miles away. My drive to the Eastern Sierras to fish Hot Creek and the Owens River is over 400 miles, taking over 7 hours, including pitstops for food, gas and bladder relief. Over the years I  have learned which towns have a McDonalds or gas stations that I have credit cards for. I enjoy the drive, the scenery is really diverse, ranging from farmlands to desert to mountains to the windmill turbines near Mojave. During my most recent drive up, a severe storm had passed through California the day before and the clouds were spectacular. A couple of particularly interesting looking formations were made up of wispy, fluffy, lacy and turbulent clouds.

Had they been a part of a movie, they would have been warnings that the end of the world or something very evil was coming. For this fishing trip it was a sign that the fishing was going to be tough. On the other hand, fishing is almost always difficult for me. Sometimes I wonder why I enjoy it so much....